Moving home means you are going to need a lot of space on the go.  Whether you are a self-described hoarder or someone with only a few possessions, a van is always a good ally to have when you’re moving furniture and heavy goods from points A to B.  Before you consider Birkenhead van hire, however, do make sure to look into the sizes of van available, and what might suit your needs the best.  What are the various sizes of van recommended for moving home?

Luton Vans – Great for Heavy Loads

A Luton van is a real behemoth.  It’s able to carry up to 3.5 tonnes of cargo, which means it is perfect for anyone with plenty of furniture needing to be moved from one area to another.  It’s ideal for people who are upgrading the size of their living space, as well as for those who have more than a handful of possessions.

Some Luton vans come fully accessible, meaning that you may be able to use an automated lift to help hoist heavier items on and off.  In any case, a Luton van is a great choice if you have stacks of boxes or bulky furniture that needs handling with care.  Before you pay for van hire Birkenhead or elsewhere, make sure to measure up.

Long Wheel Bases – Great for Medium Loads

If you have a fair amount of items and furniture to move, but you’re not sure you need as much as 3.5 tonnes worth of storage capacity, a long wheel base of LWB van will probably be the best option available to you.  This mid-range van is perfect if you are moving out of a flat, and it will comfortably fit basic furniture from most bedrooms and living rooms.  If in doubt, we generally advise you hire am LWB van if it’s looking likely you’ll need to extra support.

Birkenhead van hire experts will let you take a close look at the space you can expect to receive from these units before you make any payments.  It’s always a good idea to ‘try before you buy’, or at least to take a good look around!

Medium Wheel Bases – Great for Small Loads

The smallest loads will likely benefit from a van which offers a medium wheel base.  MWB vans are likely to be a good choice for anyone with just a few boxes to hand.  These vans aren’t ideal fort furniture and super-bulky items, however, so when in doubt, make sure to look at bigger vehicles.  Home movers who are keen to cut down the costs of van hire Birkenhead and elsewhere will likely go for a smaller van, however, it is often going to result in you making lots of trips!

What’s Best For You?

The best van size for you is going to depend on what you need to move, and how much support you’ll need on the road.  Why not take a closer look at van sizes from our range?  Call our team to learn more about Birkenhead van hire and all of the options available for your big moving day.

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