The winter roads and landscape may be nice to look at through your windscreen, but the fact is, colder months can be hazardous for all drivers.  Not just for motorists, but for pedestrians, too.  As a van driver, your vehicle is likely to come under a lot of stress and stress from December through to February.  If you are already looking at van hire Birkenhead this winter but want to be fully prepared for the cold snap, here are some great tips to help you tackle the icy months ahead.


Keep Your Vision Clear

Winter is hazardous for van drivers when it comes to sight on the roads.  Dirt, grit, snow and ice can all clutter your windscreen.  Even your blades can freeze and get clogged up if you don’t take care of them.  Make sure to clean and clear your windscreen as a priority before December arrives.

Change your screen wash and make sure your blades are working correctly.  It makes sense to change them out if they are dull or cracking under the pressure.  Use a windscreen protector, if possible, to keep off settling weather.


Change Your Tyres

This is crucial!  Most van drivers should already know to swap their treads over when winter weather sets in.  Winter tyres have better grip and more durability in heavy conditions.  Keeping your spring and summer tyres on is only going to lead to accidents.

Make sure to change your tyres over as soon as the cold snap starts to set in.  There is no better time to start getting prepared.  3mm on the tread should be enough to grip and weather the winter roads.


Check Your Lights

All vans should have working lights, but in winter, this is never more important.  Clean and clear them, too, from trip to trip.  When heavy snow sets in, visibility will plummet.  Keeping yourself visible and clear will make sure you and your fellow road users are safe as the nights start drawing in sooner than normal.  Snow, sleet and rain will have huge impacts on what you can see, too.


Keep to a High Gear

Traction is everything when you drive a van in winter weather.  Therefore, where possible, make sure that you stay in a high gear.  This means you will be able to keep control of your van should the worst-case scenario happen, and you face spinning off.  High gear driving will allow you to take greater control of your vehicle should you hit a patch of ice, for example.


Fill Up and Prepare

The best thing you can do whenever you are about to drive a van in snowy weather is, of course, to plan your journey.  Take a look at weather warnings, and make sure that your fluids are topped up.  That doesn’t just mean fuel, but water, oil and wiper fluid / screen wash.

Thinking about looking at van hire Birkenhead?  Make sure you’re ready to drive your new hire across wintery roads for miles to come.  Call our team or get in touch online to learn more about the best Birkenhead vans at the best prices.